About Medizen

MediZen offer a discreet private medical service primarily for men and women with a range concerns about their appearance.

Dr. David Eccleston

We have been using treatments such as Botox for over a decade and Dr Eccleston, Clinical Director at MediZen and Senior Partner in a large general practice in Birmingham, has a special interest in the use of Botox injections in both his NHS and private practice.

Although we are not a migraine clinic, we have developed an expertise in the private use of Botox for the prevention of migraine symptoms that has been born out of our experience in the use of this drug to treat frown lines and wrinkles resulting, in a number of cases, in the reduction of headaches for many clients.

As a General Practitioner, Dr Eccleston has over 20 years experience in the use of various drug treatments to reduce migraine symptoms, and due to his knowledge in the use of Botox understands whether migraine sufferers, who have not found adequate relief of symptoms via treatment through the NHS, are  suitable candidates for Botox injections - and also where the optimum injection points are.

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